In addition to the specialty "Healing Foods To Go" offered as part of our Personal Cooking Service for Clients, Macrosnacks also offers a Macrobiotic Meal Service with a Personal Touch!

The Macrosnacks Macrobiotic Meal Service is a special meal service that can fine-tune some of the dishes you order for your specific health condition. This Personal Cooking Service may include medicinal drinks or side-dishes prepared in the most balanced way for your personal health needs.

The Macrosnacks Meal Service is based on macrobiotic healing principles and each meal includes the following dishes:

Balanced Healing Meal:

- whole grain
- bean or sea vegetable
- long-cooked dish, such as nishime
- healing salad or leafy greens
- miso soup
- healing dessert
- medicinal drink
- plus extras: side-dishes and snacks - such as Macrosnacks: Healing Foods To Go!

Macrosnacks Meal Service is like having an affordable Macrobiotic Personal Chef ! It is ideal for those who are interested in a healthier diet and lifestyle, as well as those who are dealing with specific health concerns.

Having a Consultation with a Macrobiotic Counselor before changing one's diet is always a good idea, whether for an introductory assessment or more thorough review.

For more information about MACROSNACKS: MACROBIOTIC MEAL SERVICE, as well as for information on Consultations, Cooking Classes/Workshops, Private Cooking Services and Macrobiotic Information, please contact Lidia Kuleshnyk at : Tel: (416) 964-8885 or e-mail: or

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