Sample menu:

For more information on any of our Macrosnacks Healing Foods To Go, please contact us or phone 416-964-8885.

RICE BALLS: Organic brown rice with umeboshi plum in center - rolled in black or brown sesame seeds and/or nori

  • standard mix of rice balls - 4 black sesame seed; 4 brown sesame seed; 4 nori rice balls
  • special variety, such as all black sesame seed, is available upon request

VEGETARIAN SUSHI: (no fish) - two varieties - organic brown rice with either cucumber and umeboshi paste, or carrots-green onions with umeboshi paste - comes with macrobiotic pickled ginger and wasabi on the side

HEALING BEAN: Adzuki Beans slow cooked with chestnuts, raisins and small piece of kombu - also available without raisins

ORGANIC BROWN RICE: Side-dish of  pressure-cooked, organic brown rice (Lundberg)

ROASTED ALMONDS: Premium almonds roasted in the world's highest quality organic shoyu (soy)sauce (Johsen Organic Shoyu)

HEALING SALAD: Marinated Carrot-Daikon Salad with Raisins

  • organic carrots, organic daikon, organic raisins, organic white miso, Mitoku mirin, (Johsen) organic shoyu (soy) sauce , touch of fresh ginger juice

MISO SOUP: Daikon-Celery-Tofu soup

  • daikon, celery, tofu, highest quality miso, wakame (all ingredients organic)

HEALING DESSERT: Chestnut Cream Pie

  • pureed chestnuts, amasake, agar-agar, kuzu, brown rice syrup, lemon, with cous-cous pie crust

Occasional Items:


  • whole grain sweet brown rice beverage (slightly fermented) - ready to enjoy!
  • varieties: - full bottle: almond (with no vanilla), hazelnut, wildberry
  • half-sizes of  Hazelnut Fudge and Almond Chai and Maple Pecan

 MOCHI: Be sure to cook before eating

  • sweet brown rice paddies that puff up as a snack or melt like cheese
  • varieties: - plain, cinnamon-raisin,  sesame-miso
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All of the prepared food will last several days in the refrigerator. Please see our Menu of Cooking Services for a sample list of items.